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About Royalty

Royalty Shetland Sheepdogs was founded in 2011, with my foundation pair Butterfly and Scribble.  I ended up with the breed for a round of PKCAN(PKC au natural), and I chose the Farie BarnDance file due to the fact that it's cute, petzy, and moves well.  That was when my addiction to these guys I'm 40+ shelties in.


As of 1/82016, we have 5 PKC champions, and 1 ACP.  We pride our show shelties, but we find actual play time and care over anything else.  I know many of my shelties well, and I can easily tell you all about the personalities of any I adopted in 2011 or 2012.  We compete in shows at PKC, anywhere that hosts pose shows, and in various dog sports at Duke's Group and Petz Sports Club.  Any and all titles earned will be showcased on each petz page.

About Me

I'm Bre, also known as vanillaice-petz, Vanilla, or simply 'Nilla.  I've been in the PC since 2009, when I was just 12!  I'm now 21.  I've been playing petz since I was 6 years old when Dogz 4 came with my grandma's new computer.  I immediately loved it, because I've adored dogs ever since before I can remember, and at that time I didn't have any of my own.


I now have 1 dog of my own, and 2 family dogs, as well as 2 guinea pigs.  I live with my family, so I count the family dogs as mine!  They're both Shih Tzus, and my dog that's my own is a Lab Shepherd mutt who also happens to be my service dog in training.  I adopted him 10/9/2015, and he's been in service dog training since the end of October or so.

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