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Welcome to my hex archive!





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Please note that Cotton Candy is still under construction, however all of my most recent files are here!


Available ~ Apply away! Easy to get. 
Limited ~ At least a little special to me, requires a good app, trades will help. 
Exclusive ~ Pretty hard to get! A good app or an amazing trade. 
Retired ~ No more will be made, except for an occasional gift. But don't even ask unless we're close.

~Never claim as your own. 
~Take good care of your hexie, don't just let it sit in a folder! 
~If you no longer want your pet, please send back to me( ). 
~Do not MPA/Adopt out/make copies! 
~If you want your pet to go on a playdate to someone else's house, just email me and ask :) 
~If you show, use the prefix Everon
~If you play P5, please keep a P4 backup 

~Which hex: 
~Petz name and gender: 

Send forms to :)

For trades I like: 
Pokemon Petz(basically anything but bug pokemon XD) 
Nearly any hex 
Proportional mixies, especially labs, dalis, calicoes, and maine coons!

Farie BarnDance Shelties!  Bred or hexedd.

I'll also take art, or stories, or anything creative! :D

Eevee hex petz 4 petz 5
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